" A brief overview of The Adventure Mountain Club’s usage of endless area "
An enormous area of 8 square kilometres comprising of exotic picturesque views, panoramic viewpoints, plush rainforests and abundance in space for throwing feasts, hosting events and organizing a productive meeting. The Adventure Mountain Club’s Phuket-Phangnga meeting venues, Phuket-Phangnga exhibition locations, Phuket-Phangnga convention facilities and the large areas for hosting outdoor events (accommodating 5000 people) is mind-boggling to imagine. We offer in-door and out-door meeting spaces, In-door and out-door convention halls, exhibition and exposition area, Wedding locations, Team-building and incentive travel programs and dining facilities accommodating over 2000 people in banquet setting.

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Providing state of the art equipment and Phuket-Phangnga meeting venues, The Adventure Mountain Club’s Khao Lak, Sarasin, Khok-Kloi and the unique Adventure Peak meeting locations are something to look forward at. Imagine landing with a helicopter for your meeting and simply selling your pitch on cloud nine! Yes, The Adventure Mountain Club now features a cliff-side meeting venue by your private heli-pad for those longing to make a statement

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Lock down the entire 80,000 sqm. of pristine haven, solely for your exhibition/convention to an invitation only event. Make it more personal. Make it more private. Find out how much fun does a private mountain-top club is, especially with over 5000 attendees.

tamc cafe Phuket Phangnga

The experts at The Adventure Mountain Club have carefully studied the recently springing concept and demand of Phuket-Phangnga incentive travel. Instead of deriving our ideas from our clients, we tend to offer 3 unique and equally exciting incentive programs tailored for the Adventurous, Sports Fanatics and the Extravagant spenders. Alternatively, we provide an endless list of activities and options for our clients to select from and customize their own incentive package

pool-side bbq swimming pool thailand Phuket Phangnga

Grill by the poolside deck on a sunny day and play some groovy vibes! The Adventure Mountain Club caters to party goers, Luncheon munchers, cocktail slurpers and even the old ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ feast throwers. The choices are endless especially when our team can conceptualize the evening, or afternoon, based on particular themes! Find out more about our events and themes

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It’s already time to transform your co-workers and subordinates into efficiently functioning ‘Teams’. How do we help that? Our on-site, off-site and water/land-based activities jolt the inner spirit of your co-workers to work together, perform as a team, and most of all, create memorable events filled with lots of fun. The Adventure Mountain Club is perfectly designed to host countless activities to bring together your team

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Vow to the setting sun, promise your duties by a spectacular venue or simply luxuriate your wedding by dropping in with the Helicopter. The Adventure Mountain Club not only offers picturesque locations for pre-wedding photoshoots, but also caters to your demands of minor details and floral arrangements on the most important day of your life. We extend our expertise in Phuket-Phangnga Western wedding, Thai wedding and renewal of vows with numerous optional add-ons such as Fireworks, Thai dancers, Drum parade or even yet an adorable baby elephant!

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