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The Adventure Mountain Club, TAMC, Phang Nga, Mountain club
The Adventure Mountain Club, located in the enchanting province of Phang-Nga is conveniently accessible within 30 minutes’ drive from the Phuket International Airport or a meagre 15 minutes’ drive from the Sarasin Bridge. Drive your way atop this celestial mountain that offers dining facilities, entertainment, sporting adventures or simply unwind and gaze into the sea of mist that engulfs the mountain club.

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Library and lounge at TAMC
Muay Thai training gym and area in Khok-Kloi, Phang-Nga
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The Adventure Mountain Club offers 71 units with breath-taking mountainview. These units, ranging from 17 to 235 square meters, offer panoramic views of Phuket and Phang-Nga, looking far into the endless Phang-Nga bay. Each room consists of a bedroom with bathroom and includes all common facility usage for their guests.

Wake up to the rising sun and breathe in freshly pumped oxygen by the tropical rainforests. These eco-friendly units are Thailand’s most unique product, situated atop a Phang-Nga mountain. Engulfed by a sea of mist, it is surrounded by mountainous ranges and is characterized by the serenity and tranquillity Phang-Nga has to offer.

The Adventure Mountain Club, overview

Dine at the best restaurant in Phang-Nga!

The Adventure Cafe and Restaurant in Khok-Kloi, Phang-Nga

The mountain club hosts 3 exquisite dining venues to admire from. The adventure café, a Cliffside dining venue to soothe your pallets, is an excellent location for families and foodies longing for some Western Steaks while overlooking plush greenery.

The poolside barbecue corner is yet another enticing venue for your day-time barbecue party with the vibes of a live band or the groovy DJ. Combined with a spacious area for dining, this venue sneaks into the mini waterpark behind TAMC. The sky dining terrace is the rooftop dining venue, providing panoramic God’s eye view of Phuket-Phang-Nga. It sits atop the highest point of TAMC featuring an unbeatable sunset view.

For bar crawlers, TAMC showcases a night club cum lounge area offering unique and exciting mix of cocktails.

Fitness and Muay Thai gym in Khok-Kloi, Phang-Nga

Nothing is more reviving than exercising early in the morning with fresh oxygen being pumped into your lungs. TAMC consists of a fitness centre, Muay Thai boxing ring, Swimming pool, and a spa centre with separate yoga veranda. The fitness centre also provides a trainer for your muscle gaining goals. The Muay Thai boxing gym will be available for members and their guests to gain experience with professional instructors.

TAMC is well known for the adrenaline rush they provide to the adventurous kind. An area of over 10,000 sqm is dedicated towards providing activities such as hiking, trekking and zipline. Amongst a few others, ATV racing, mountain biking and ziplining are a few courageous ones. For those seeking the serenity and peace of the mountainous greenery, we provide camping grounds at the peak of the mountain or besides a recently formed lagoon. Make sure to visit our bird sanctuary and the mini-golf course for heightened hole in one.

For the young guests, our outdoor playground with trampoline would keep them engaged. The mountain club also allows you to slide your way through the facility with newly constructed water slides.

Camping with a sea of mist near Phuket
Fitness centre and training gym in Khok-Kloi, Phang-Nga

Only the best meetings and events facilities in Phang-Nga

Events and parties at TAMC, Phang-Nga

Within the majestic mountain club, throw a feast or organize a wedding ceremony and invite over 400 guests. TAMC has the capacity to host an open air event of over 1000 guests in a theatre style setting or up to 200 people in an indoor classroom meeting hall. Banqueting facilities and cocktail reception parties are also available at your disposal.

Organize your event at TAMC for a Cliffside celebration.

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