" Lock down the entire Mountain only for your Exhibition OR Convention! "
For an exhibition or a convention involving more than 1000 guests, it is genuine to privatize a venue and accommodate their needs and demands with great precision. The Adventure Mountain Club offers gorgeous Phuket-Phangnga Exhibition and Convention locations with the ability to secure entry to the club for attendees only. Customize the overall décor, throw in some unusual arrangements and bring the mountain to life! All your imagination comes true with the help of our dedicated professionals fabricating your choice of setup and design.

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Our 3 major convention and exhibition locations consist of vast, green fields in a pristine environment capable of accommodating over 100’s of guests. The Main Lawn area boasts an area of 2000 sqm., with the ability to accommodate around 1500 guests. The Pool deck features an area of 1000 sqm. and The Adventure Peak venue summarizes your intentions of ‘making a statement’ by being the highest altitude venue throughout Phuket-Phangnga.