" Helicopter ride, Muay Thai boxing or Scuba-diving, what would be your choice of Incentive? "
A splendid way to reward the most loyal employees or rather, the most productive and revenue generating employees is by an all-expense paid trip to experience some of Thailand’s cultures, traditions, activities and sports surrounded by ultra-luxury. Incentive travel programs are a crucial factor to any Multi-National Corporation’s success as it not only empowers the employees to work harder for a bonus, but also creates employee loyalty; a much-desired environment for any company.

With numerous activities, excursions, sights to see and collaborations, The Adventure Mountain Club offers 3 unique incentive program tailored to meet the demands of individuals of each category. The Adventure Incentive program features several on-site activities such as ATV racing, Zipline, camping and off-site as well including canoeing and snorkelling. Alternatively, the Sports incentive offers a completely different set of activities and pastimes such as Muay Thai boxing, Golfing and many more. For the ultra-luxurious, our private boat trips and helicopter tours complement the desire to be well-looked after.

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Please find below a brief description of our Incentives program:
  • Adventure Incentives: Zipline, ATV racing, Snorkelling, jungle trekking, Canoeing, Elephant riding, White-water or bamboo rafting, Bird park, overnight camping etc.
  • Sports Incentives: Golf, tennis, Muay Thai, Para-sailing, Jet skiing, Paddle-boat surfing, Go- kart and certain others
  • Luxury Incentives: Heli-copter rides, Private boat trip, Daily spa treatments, VIP positioning in local clubs, Limousine transfers etc.