" Lift your teams’ spirit and build a deeper connection amongst them "
Train and guide your team through an obstacle course, delegate tasks onto them that enhance teamwork or simply plunge in the pool for an aqua noodle race. Human resource is the most expensive asset of any company and therefore, honing their skills and building their confidence is the most critical phenomena. The Adventure Mountain Club’s Phuket-Phangnga team-building activities and programs not only enhance the teamwork and skills, but also brings them closer in personal relation and helps towards the creation of a harmonious work environment.

On-site and off-site activities are included in our team-building programs and certain packages allow you to customize your selection of group activities as well as offers a choice between on-site and off- site activities with the inclusion of land and water activities.

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Team-Building Video
Customize your team-building event and throw in a feast with our in-house band for entertainment. Find out more about our team-building packages to ensure fun-filled venture.