" Get married with the stars from Phuket-Phangnga’s most elevated wedding destination "
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The Adventure Mountain Club also offers Phuket-Phangnga weddings in two main customs; Thai and Western. Take advantage of our unique package and exotic venue that concludes your desire for a sunset wedding or a splendid mountain-top wedding.

On your most blissful day, gather blessings from the Buddhist monks, proceed to Khan Maak routine and bind yourselves with the love of your life. Thai weddings, with their peculiar customs, have deep meanings and ever-binding rituals that strengthen the married life to come. Experience marriage in Thai style and pay your respect to the elders in a new fashion.

Alternatively, the Western wedding package accounts for all of the festivities and rituals taking place in an authentic Western style wedding with floral archways, blooming vibrant flowers, master of ceremony and your beloved spouse dressed authentically. Toast to the setting sun or simply rejoice your precious moments with picturesque views of Phangnga bay, Phuket island and the pristine Natai beach.

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The Adventure Mountain Club offers Phuket-Phangnga sunset weddings, mountain top weddings, Thai and Western weddings as well as renewal of vows. The wedding packages at The Adventure Mountain Club comprise of floral decoration, canopy setup, ceremony guidance and certain other features.